9th EPH 2016

9th eph vienna 150-150

9th European Public Health Conference, 9-12 November 2016, Vienna, Austria


About the Conference


The European Public Health Conference Foundation, the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) and the Austrian Public Health Association (ÖGPH) are honoured to welcome you to the 9th European Public Health Conference in Vienna.


We are excited to present you this year again with a fully packed programme of inspiring and informative sessions. We expect the attendance of over 1600 public health researchers, policymakers and practitioners coming from more than 80 countries, making this conference the most important Public Health Conference in Europe and the biggest we have organised so far.


The theme for the conference is ‘All for Health – Health for All’. This expresses our commitment that the progress of nations is best captured by the health of their people. Better health is the basis for achieving the goals we share as societies. It gives us longer, high quality years of life. It allows us to engage in productive and rewarding employment. It provides us with the incentives and ability to benefit from lifelong learning. It strengthens families and communities. And it offers freedom from fear, the fear of premature death or disability, poverty, homelessness, or social exclusion. And when we say health for all, we mean just that. Not just the rich and powerful, but the poor, the migrant, the prisoner, and everyone else who is currently marginalised and excluded from our societies.


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