iCEPS 2017

iCEPS programme 150-150

5rd edition of the iCEPS Conference, May 18-20, 2017, Montpellier, France


About the Conference


The iCEPS conference is one of the largest world meetings on Non-Pharmacological Interventions (NPIs). The meeting, which is jointly organized by the International Behavioural Trials Network (IBTN) and the CEPS Platform, presents the latest and most significant developments in paradigms, research methods and trial results assessing the efficacy, the safety and the cost/effectiveness of NPIs. It also focuses on the translational aspects from mechanistic research to practical applications of NPIs. This conference, alternately organized in Montpellier and Montreal, encourages the sharing of knowledge and experience. Non-Pharmacological and Behavioural Research as well as professional training requires a multidisciplinary approach. NPIs span various scientific disciplines, from biological sciences to behavioural and social sciences, from epidemiology to mathematics, from economics to legal sciences, from digital sciences to technology engineering. This proactive interaction will promote the development and validation of innovations that serve patients, professionals, industry players, and decision makers. We would like to acknowledge the hard work and outstanding efforts of the European, French State, and Local Authorities, the Universities of Montpellier, partners, and numerous volunteers for supporting this conference. This conference is now yours. We hope that you will make the most of it and also take time to visit the beautiful Occitanie region.


Dr. Iveta Nagyova and Marian Jendrichovsky, MSc are happy to present outcomes of mc3 research on non-pharmacological interventions at the iCPES conference:

• Nagyova I, Jendrichovsky M: Nordic Walking training effect on cardiovascular performance in patients after revascularization procedures: A randomized controlled study (oral presentation)

• Jendrichovsky M, Nagyova I: The benefits and risks of Nordic Walking training in cardiac rehabilitation: A case study (poster)


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