10th EPH 2017

10th EPH stockholm 150-150

10th European Public Health Conference, 1 - 4 November 2017, Stockholm, Sweden


About the Conference


More than 1,500 experts in public health are expected at the 10th European Public Health (EPH) Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, 1 – 4 November 2017.


The theme for the 10th EPH Conference isSustaining resilient and healthy communities’.


Many European communities face new challenges in the provision of preventive and curative services. Migration, ageing populations, climate change, political upheavals and austerity measures all threaten the provision of high quality and equitable services. People’s opportunities for a healthy life are closely linked to the socio-economic conditions in which they live. Resilient and empowered communities respond better to economic, social and environmental change. Communities that remain disadvantaged also remain behind in health outcomes and other social determinants. People need to be empowered to manage their health more pro-actively, chose healthy lifestyles and make informed choices.


The 10th European Public Conference offers a great opportunity to discuss these issues in more detail among researchers, policy makers and practitioners.


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