• iCEPS 2019

    7th International Conference on Non-Pharmacological Interventions, 28-30 March 2019, Montpellier, France


  • 11th EPH 2018

    11th European Public Health Conference, 28 November – 1 December 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • EHPS 2018

    32nd Conference of the European Health Psychology Society 21-25 August 2018, Galway, Ireland. 


  • We seek:


    • To stimulate programme and policy activities, build partner capacities, and establish tailored medical, psychosocial, and behavioural interventions.


    • To stimulate training and capacity building to develop a skilled, diverse, and dynamic health workforce and network of partners.


    • To disseminate the scientific knowledge, experiences and best practices though organizing conferences, workshops and seminars.


    • To promote evidence-based social, environmental, health policies, and system approaches that support healthy living for individuals, families, and communities.