• Supervisor | Completed PhD projects
  • Prof. Dr. Ludmila Podracka, MD
  • Phone: +421 55 235 4132

Contact information:
PJ Safarik University
Faculty of Medicine
1st Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Tr. SNP 1, 040 11 Kosice, Slovakia

(S)SCI articles

  1. Kolvek G, Podracka L, Rosenberger J, Stewart RE, van Dijk JP, Reijneveld SA. Solitary Functioning Kidney in Children-A Follow-Up Study. Kidney & Blood Pressure Research 2014, 39:272-278
  2. Kolvek G, Reijneveld SA, Podracka L, Rosenberger J, Nagyova I, van Dijk JP. End-stage renal disease in Slovak children: epidemiology from a European perspective. European Journal of Pediatrics 2011, 170, 11:1445–1451
  3. Kolvek G, Rosicova K, Rosenberger J, Podracka L, Stewart RE, Nagyova I, Reijneveld SA, van Dijk JP. End-stage renal disease among Roma and non-Roma: Roma are at risk. International Journal of Public Health 2012, 57, 4: 751-754.