Contact information:
Department of Social and Behavioural Medicine
PJ Safarik University, Faculty of Medicine
Tr. SNP 1, 040 01 Kosice, Slovak Republic

Martina Sukenikova (1981) defended her Degree thesis (Small and medium business as one of the solutions of unemployment in Kosice district) at the University of Presov, Slovak Republic in 2004.  Since 2006 she has been participating in three educational projects cofinanced by EU fund focused on training and education of unemployed women in the framework of the PHARE – equal opportunities appeal, improving of digital literacy and computer skills of talented children from socially weak environments - European social fund and e-learning of secondary schoolteachers in the design and creation of websites – European social fund.  In 2007 as a KISH manager she became responsible for coordination, management and administration of national and EU research projects in the framework of KISH focusing mainly on public health and quality of life in people with a chronic disease.

Running projects

  1. LORICCOM – Longitudinal research on psychosocial innovations in chronic condition management