Internal PhD student of the UPJS, Faculty of Medicine,
Department of Social and Behavioural Medicine

Contact information:
PJ Safarik University
Department of Social and Behavioural Medicine
Tr. SNP 1, 040 11, Kosice, Slovak Republic

PhD project: EURO-Urban Health Indicators 2

Supervisors: Dr. Monika Halanova, DVM; Dr. Z. Katreniakova, MD

Marketa Lachytova (1977) graduated from the PJ Safarik University, Faculty of medicine in the field of Public Health in 2009. Her first article describes prevalence of depression and depression-like symptoms among population of the Slovak Republic. She worked as a consultant at the Department of nutrition, hygiene, food safety and cosmetic products in the Regional Office Public health of the Slovak Republic in Košice. Since September 2012 she has been working on her PhD at the PJ Safarik University. Her research project focuses on examination of the association between chronic diseases and mental health (especially depressive symptoms) in adult population.

Running projects

  1. LORICCOM – Longitudinal research on psychosocial innovations in chronic condition management
  2. EURO-URHIS 2 – European Urban Health Indicators System Part 2
  3. EURO-Urban Health Indicators 2 (186/2010 LF)