Contact information:
Department of Social and Behavioural Medicine
PJ Safarik University, Faculty of Medicine
Tr. SNP 1, 040 11 Kosice, Slovak Republic

PhD project: Perceived Health Status in Children with Chronic Kidney Failure - 2
(2009-exp.def. 2013)

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. J.W. Groothoff, Assoc. Prof. Dr. J.P. van Dijk, MD, Prof. Dr. L. Podracka, MD,  Dr. I. Rajnicova-Nagyova, Dr. J. Rosenberger, MD

Martina Mergescikova (1986) graduated in 2010 from PJ Safarik University in Košice, Slovakia, Faculty of Arts, with a master’s degree in Psychology Currently she is participating in a research project focused on the quality of life of children and adolescents with renal disease.