• iCEPS 2019

    7th International Conference on Non-Pharmacological Interventions, 28-30 March 2019, Montpellier, France


  • 11th EPH 2018

    11th European Public Health Conference, 28 November – 1 December 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • EHPS 2018

    32nd Conference of the European Health Psychology Society 21-25 August 2018, Galway, Ireland. 


  • mc3 team


    mc3 – Multidisciplinary Centre for Chronic Conditions consortium is created by an international multidisciplinary team consisting of medical doctors, behavioural scientists, psychologists, sociologists, public health professionals, statisticians, methodologists, economists, nurses, and social workers.


    The consortium is formed in such a way that that a balanced and complementary group is created. Considering the complex interrelationships between clinical, social and psychological factors in chronic conditions, a close co-operation is needed between different disciplines; therefore mutlidisciplinarity is a conditio sine qua non in our research projects.