The Sad Reality Behind the Masks: An Interview with Dr Zuzana Katreniakova

During the COVID-19 times the face masks have been praised as an amazing preventive measure, with public health officials and politicians not missing any opportunity to brag about Slovakia being a champion in Europe in handling the coronavirus epidemic. But behind the masks are some not so amazing numbers that paint a different picture of […]

First Efficient Health Promotion Conference, 29-30 November 2019, Budapest, Hungary

The first ever Efficient Health Promotion Conference held at the Semmelweis University Basic Medical Science Centre was attended by over 300 participants. The two-day event hosting a professional symposium and an NGO expo gave the opportunity to the leaders of medical and health sciences universities to discuss possibilities to harmonize education and research focusing on prevention. […]

International Conference on Chronic Diseases & 6th SAVEZ Conference, Kosice, Slovakia

EUPHA section on Chronic diseases (EUPHA_CHR); PJ Safarik University Kosice (UPJS), Faculty of Medicine; Slovak Public Health Association (SAVEZ); Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic (MoH SR); WHO country office in Slovakia (WHO SR); SCIROCCO Exchange consortium, and national public health associations of V4 countries – Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia & Poland co-organized the […]

XX SEMPSPH Preventive Medicine and Public Health Congress; 16-18 October, Madrid, Spain

The Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine, Public Health, and Hygiene (SEMPSPH) is a professional association for physicians specializing in Preventive Medicine, nursing professionals and other related professionals. Dr Iveta Nagyova was invited to give a speech at the XX SEMPSPH conference entitled “Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies and Innovations in Europe”. >>> Read more