Jana Buckova

Jana Buckova, MSc (1993) graduated from the Faculty of Science at PJ Safarik University and obtained a degree in teaching biology and psychology. The main aim of her master’s thesis was the research on the influence of construal level manipulation (thinking more abstractly or concretely) on primed participants. Her bachelor’s thesis dealt with social support […]

Julius Evelley

Julius Evelley, MSc graduated from the Faculty of Arts at PJ Safarik University in Kosice where he obtained a degree in Psychology. The main focus of his master’s thesis was the research goals setting, obstacles, and goal progress in health harms. From September 2019 till the present time, he is a PhD student at the […]

Alexandra Husivargova

Alexandra Husivargova (1988) graduated in Psychology at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava in 2012. Her diploma thesis dealt with cultural differences in 17 nations from Europe, Asia and Australia  focus on self-esteem, well-being, lying, free-time, notion of afterlife and financial satisfaction (thesis title: “Intercultural comparison of differences in self-esteem, well-being and […]

Laura Kundratova

Laura Kundratova, MSc completed her Master‘s Study in Psychology in 2019 at the Pavol Jozef Safarik University (UPJS) in Kosice, Slovakia. In her diploma thesis, she puts emphasis on the importance of perceived social support in psychiatric patients and its relationship with the number of hospitalizations. She conducted the research during the last year of […]

Martin Vicen

Martin Vicen, MD graduated from general medicine in 2013 at Faculty of Medicine, PJ Safarik University in Kosice.  Since 2013 he has been working as a physician and since 2019 also as a researcher at the Department of Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine, Hospital Agel Kosice-Saca. In 2020 he became a PhD student at University Medical Centre Groningen, […]