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In a time of financial crisis, an ageing population, and a growing burden of chronic disease healthcare systems are under great pressure. The population of individuals with one or more chronic illnesses is large and growing rapidly, and the ability of the fragmented health systems to meet the complex needs of these patients is limited. As such, there is a serious need for a thoughtful, multi-stakeholder, holistic approach to the practical implementation of integrated care systems based on patient-centred, coordinated, and continuous care models. The main aim of this multidisciplinary research project is to gain knowledge in the field of effective chronic disease management and options for improvements in patients’ quality of life. The project is envisaged to: effectively support people to maximise their self-care and self-management capabilities; improve adherence to the treatment regimen and reduce healthcare demand; raise awareness about integrated care and chronic condition management; develop and promote a suite of products and psychosocial innovation tools designed to respond to the chronic disease challenge, and to identify and test culturally appropriate self-management programmes. This knowledge will facilitate evidence-based decision-making concerning innovative models of healthcare delivery.

List of LORICCOM publications 2016-2020


Latest projects by all authors


The overarching aim of IMMERSE (Implementing Mobile MEntal health Recording Strategy for Europe) is to advance the transformation of mental health care

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VEGA 1/0372/20

Dementia is the biggest global challenge for social-health systems in the 21st century. It is estimated that in 2040 the number of

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The SCIROCCO Exchange project builds on the preliminary achievements of the B3 Action Group on Integrated Care (of the European Innovation Partnership

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